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What are we talking about?

In a world where a gazillion events are only one click away, sustainable audience development is the key to long lasting success. What sounds vague isn’t rocket science at all. First of all: Get your audience involved! Talk to your audience and listen to their response. How? With analytics and data. We provide you with all the insights gathered from your customer data: where they browse, what they click, what they buy. Furthermore, we provide you with several tools to help you build strong relationships.

Let's introduce you to our magical marketing tools

Content segmentation

Many customers, many interests!
Use our recommendation engine to make sure that each patron sees what they arereally interested in. Furthermore, you can show your content categorized by genres, artists, venues, emotions and much more.

Push notifications

Communicate directly with your audience! Target and segment your patrons’ interests inevery detail, like browsing or buying habits, and send customised messages to inform them about new events, current promotions, etc. Schedule push notifications easily in advance and get started.

In-App messages

In-app messages are the best way to gain attention directly in the app! Use them to highlight special events, pre-sales, etc. You can target your audience to the last detail and of course you can send automated and scheduled messages.

Automated marketing

Send automated pre- and post-visit emails and inform your patrons about the upcoming event, your venue, how to get there, ask for reviews and much more.

Referral programme

Our technology offers various forms of referral programmes, for example a recommendation programme, to invite friends and receive vouchers for referred friends.

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