Streaming Connector
We are currently experiencing very dynamic times in the cultural sector. Since Corona, all cultural institutions have digitalised their offerings with impressive creativity and make them available to culture lovers via streaming. But who are the people who actually use the streaming services?
Our approach

True to our motto "Your Customer, your Data", we support cultural businesses in connecting their existing systems (ticketing system, CRM system, etc.) with the digital infrastructure (live streaming, etc.) and enable them to develop new forms of visitor development and customer loyalty.

Record and evaluate user data
  • Who uses the streaming offer?
  • Does the online user already count among my existing customers or is he/she a new customer?
  • Are they occasional visitors or regulars?
  • Does the streaming interest correlate with the previous ticket buying behaviour?
  • What exactly is this new streaming user interested in?
Strengthen customer loyalty & transform online visitors into in-person visitors

Offer exclusive, customised streaming content for your regular audience and special target groups, such as sponsors, subscribers, etc. and build your future marketing and communication strategy based on the knowledge of the collected data and address your audience specifically.

How does the Streaming Connector work?
  • connects exisiting data sources (ticketing system, CRM) with digital streaming infrastructure: You get all customer data and insights to further develop your audience
  • simple and fast: thanks to our live interfaces to the ticketing systems
  • e-mail wall (optional: pay-wall): the customer and transaction data (behaviour, usage, etc.) are automatically assigned to the existing customer account OR a new customer account is created
  • integration "Access Control": enables you to provide personalised digital content to different target groups
  • generate additional revenues through the monetization of streaming: a wide range of commercial models are possible, spanning from free option, to pay-per-view, to subscriptions, freemium and much more

Cultural Institutions, are you interested?

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