Streaming Connector
True to our motto "Your customer, your data", we support cultural institutions in connecting their ticket/CRM systems with their streaming infrastructure and enable them to develop new forms of visitor development and customer loyalty.
Live interface to the ticketingsystem / CRM

The streaming connector joins infrastructures with in-house ticketing and effortlessly provides all user data. This means:

  • streaming events can be created from within the institution's own ticketing system in the same way as on-site events
  • all streaming customer and transaction data arestored directly in the ticketing system
  • easy-connect thus provides sustainable audience development and customer relationship
Access Control & Ticket purchase

Tickets for various productions (live, on demand, recorded) can be booked using pay as you wish or regular price categories. After purchasing tickets, customers receive a personalized link with their access to the stream. This link can also be used to analyse customer and streaming behaviour. The streaming web shop and order confirmation are individually designed according to the look and feel of the cultural institution.

Customer communication

All customers receive an order confirmation, as well as an optional reminder email before the performance starts and an optional after-show email. These are designed in the look & feel of the cultural institution. These messages are sent automatically through the streaming connector.

Data & Customer analysis

Who watches the streams? Is the user already one of my existing customers or are they new customers? Are they casual or regular visitors? And how long do people watch the stream on average? These questions and many more can be answered with the comprehensive data analysis that you receive as part of your streaming connector package. You also will receive a daily report with key sales metrics.

Strengthen your customer's loyalty with add-ons
  • vouchers /credits redemption
  • booking catering packages or group tickets
  • additional donation options
  • a media library
  • subscription logic, to provide certain users (e.g. subscribers, patrons) with special content

This massively differentiates easy-connect’s streaming connector from other streaming solutions and makes it possible to offer your audience a unique digital experience.

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