Your sparring partners

We want to make arts and culture more easily accessible, so that more people can enjoy great events. We’ve been working in the live entertainment sector for over 15 years. Our sister company Graf Moser has developed the software "Kulturplanner"; a business intelligence and data analytics tool, tailored to the specific needs of performing arts institutions and museums. All this has provided us with a lot of know-how and great experience in this field. So, let’s meet your highly dedicated team of experts:

Wolfgang Graf
Co-Founder & CEO
We lovingly call him Speedy Gonzales. Wolfgang bursts with ideas and vision. Once hooked, he can’t be stopped and takes everybody along for the ride. Be prepared: He is the king of mental arithmetic.
Gerald Stockinger
Co-Founder & CTO
With all his creative ideas Gerald is our IT team’s award-winning director. There are no files on him, because he knows all the data! In his spare time, you'll find him front row at the latest off-theatre production.
Sophie Garzon-Lapierre
Business Development & Marketing
Sophie has been full of ideas since day 1. She is the heart of our team, as well as the mastermind behind our magical marketing tools. There is nothing and nobody she can’t handle. At our office she definitely sets the tone – a genuine power woman!
Julia Grabner-Zebedin
Digital Marketing
Julia works SEO, Ads and PPC like she’s the CEO of 3-letter words. Are all these figures making your head spin? Don't worry, Julia will help you make sense of it all.
Johannes Welebil
Looking for a needle in a haystack? Johannes will find it! With his analytical thinking and endless patience, he listens to problems and solves them with ease. He's the hero of our web crawlers and interfaces and a philosophy enthusiast.
Lukas Mayr
Lukas is the mastermind of UX-optimization and user interface polishing. Always coming up with brilliant ideas and making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. He used to play the clarinet and now turns his weekend-nights into days in the best techno clubs.
Maximilian Deutsch
Dealing with complex server processes? No problem, we have Max! He scans all coding with eagle eyes. To fulfil the cliché, our sporty Tirolean loves climbing mountains, but is also a frequent patron of Viennese cultural events.
Verena Birklbauer
Verena was already a U27 customer with our Ticket Gretchen App, long before she started handling the user-interfaces at our company. She loves crafting Christmas presents and you'll always find a book next to her computer.

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