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The starting point

Berlin theaters have joined forces to better target young audiences - via a unique cross-institutional cultural offering in Germany for Berliners under 30. Just a few months after its launch, the project is already showing its great potential.

of downloads result in
user registrations

Implementation of ClassicCard App Berlin led to a fivefold increase in membership numbers over
the past nine months

Enhanced customer retention, with an average of 4.5 orders / memberships
within the same period

of Classic Card members signup at least one other person. 13% two or more &
5% three or more

Initial Situation & Challenge

For almost 20 years, ClassicCard Berlin has provided a membership program for individuals under the age of 30. The program granted members access to discounted tickets for leading cultural institutions in Berlin at short notice through an analog membership card. In recent years, however, the number of ClassicCard members has declined, which has been further accelerated by the effects of the pandemic. As a result, ClassicCard has made the decision to restructure the program entirely, transforming it into a fully digital platform.

Solution: From the analogue ClassicCard to the 100% digital ClassicCard App

While the basic concept of the ClassicCard, a membership and discounted tickets, has been retained, the user experience around the event has been digitized in all areas. An app was designed, which bundles the entire range of services offered by the various Berlin event organizers. Thanks to live interfaces to the various ticketing systems (including EVENTIM.Inhouse and SAP) of the venues, all actions along the customer journey, from browsing, getting information, becoming a member and booking tickets, can be completed in the new ClassicCard App in the shortest possible time via a One-Stop-Shop.

Young people expect a certain user experience!

The ClassicCard App offers a modern content presentation, similar to Netflix & Co. Content is categorized, with short descriptive texts and highlighted show durations. Compelling images, videos, and audio samples enhance the experience. Real visitor ratings provide insights. The app also streamlines the customer journey, allowing users to browse, get information, become a member, and book tickets quickly and conveniently in one place.

ClassicCard membership and benefits redeemable directly in the app

Streamlining membership, the ClassicCard app utilizes digital ID verification for quick access to benefits. U30 members can easily browse discounted ticket options, select seats for themselves and friends, and enjoy a simplified booking process. Dynamic capacity rules and an algorithm ensure a balanced ticket availability, avoiding overselling discounts and prioritizing young audiences when capacity is limited. For example, if there are more than 300 available seats, 10% can be offered at a reduced price to ClassicCard users. Capacity can be adjusted by seating categories and time before a performance.

Strengthening the social dimension of cultural events

Harnessing the power of referrals, Berlin's cultural institutions utilize the Classic Card Berlin app to incentivize young visitors. By successfully referring new customers, young users earn €5 in credit. Additionally, the app fosters a sense of community by enabling users to book tickets for themselves and friends, share wish-lists, and connect with fellow culture enthusiasts, enhancing engagement and networking opportunities

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