How much does it cost?

Our tier-based pricing is made of a one-off set up fee, a monthly SaaS fee and scaling costs, while still accomodating your specific requirements and needs.

Get in touch with our highly dedicated sales team and let them work their magic to make easy-connect fit your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an onboarding process?

Onboarding is usually only a matter of days. We need to integrate with your existing ticketing system and synchronise your web content. Our experts are at your disposal to explain our tools via web sessions and help you with the initial setup.

What about transaction fees?

We provide you with a fully integrated payment solution as part of our front end experience. Therefore, transaction fees will apply to cover paymentand system costs.

How much does Onboarding cost?

The cost for onboarding projects start at 2500 € and depend on your specific customisation requirements.
Please contact our sales team to get a personalised quote.

Can I get a web presentation?

Absolutely, yes! We are delighted to show you around our tools and learnmore about your requirements.
You may directly book a web session in our calendar or contact our sales team.

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