Theatre associations

You represent a network of theatres / cultural institutions or are an art platform? You believe working together is the way forward? We think so too!

Imagine a single cultural point-of-access
for an entire city or region

One platform to unite them all, where customers find all info bundled and can easily book tickets for their favourite cultural events. No more customer bounces because of forwarding users to other websites – like a for cultural events.  
easy-connect offers an opportunity for a multitude of different venues to work together. Offer package deals, leverage synergies with you marketing plans to increase conversions and relevance. Yet, most importantly, preserve your institution’s autonomy.

Our core features

fully automated sales processes
customer data for venues
transparency on inventory
transparency for event discounts
real-time booking & seat map
one user account for entire cultural offer

One website, one event calender, one ticket checkout

We can easily combine different systems and venues into one solution. All customer data is stored directly within the venue’s system, with no need for adaptation. Our content management is driven by an automated content API, which connects with the venue’s website for all updates and data.
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Idea Box

Think of a single point-of-access, allowing customers to find all relevant information about events taking place in a city. Combine that with an easy ticket purchase option without ever leaving your website. All involved institutions keep their preferred ticketing system, remaining independent, while maintaining the option to offer joint ticket packages or loyalty programmes. Most importantly, all financial and customer data stays safely within the system of each individual institution.
Think of the numerous possibilities this joint ticketing solution offers – more efficient customer targeting, data on interests and preferences, bundle offers, digital young audience subscriptions, and so much more.

It works! Here's the proof

It all started with the Ticket Gretchen App, a mobile ticketing sales platform of the Wiener Bühnenverein which is a collaboration of the biggest Viennese theatres. First started with a few venues, the app currently connects over 200 venues across Austria and a number of different ticketing systems.
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