Digital Marketing Automation

Put your content to work

So, you know what you want to sell and have some content to go along with it? Great! That’s all you need to start your automation journey. Whether you wish to mirror your app content on your websites, boost your content with SEO data or let Google and Facebook Ads work their magic with your product catalogue – easy-connect provides seamless marketing automation.

Let your content generate revenue

Search Engine Optimization

Our content management system lets you optimise all relevant SEO parameters with no need for additional tools. Content schema data and rich snippets for your events are automatically integrated into your website.

Ads & PPC Marketing

Import your product catalogue to social media ad platforms and reach new, potential and existing customers. easy-connect provides your retargeting measures with data for bespoke, yet automated, ads and promotions.

Email Automation

Automate your newsletters with dynamic content while targeting selected customer audience segments. Easily connect your product catalogue with youre-mail tool to create customised interest-based emails.

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