Digital Fundraising
The pay-as-you-wish offers for digital content (streaming/media library) have shown that the audience's willingness to support "their" houses is very high. In parallel, many cultural institutions are intensifying their fundraising activities in a target group-specific way and with a strong focus on individual and small donors. 
Engage with individual and small donors

Make fundraising projects digitally & automated accessible to a broad audience, generate more revenue with digital fundraising and inspire individual audiences to support your house!

  • use digital fundraising tools in your CI/CD and strengthen your visitor loyalty
  • all customer/donor and transaction data ends up directly and in real time in your ticketing system.
  • use the possibility to implement fundraising projects digitally & automated in an easy & flexible way
  • combine your digital content (e.g. media library) with a fundraising activity in the sense of a pay-as-you wish/membership approach.

Cultural Institutions, are you interested?

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