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Starting point

Vienna, a city well-known for its vast cultural attractions, the City of Music, as it is called by some. A cultural melting pot, with so many events taking place each day, they are hard to keep track of. This was the initial situation and point of origin for the Ticket Gretchen App.

“In Vienna, 100,000 seats are available for cultural events every day.
The Ticket Gretchen App, in cooperation with the Wiener Bühnenverein, offers an innovative and modern solution bundling Vienna’s cultural offers and making culture more accessible. For theatre-aficionados, new audiences like tourists, young audiences, as well as cultural newbies. It is our goal to engage more and more theatres with the app - especially small and medium-sized venues - and broaden the cultural offers continuously. This way, we are deliberately opening up new communication channels to the city and its diverse range of services, becauseit is our mission to turn the cosmopolitan city of Vienna into a digital centre."

City councillor in charge of cultural affairs
(press release Launch Ticket Gretchen)

Like in every other city, visitors have to register separately for each cultural institution they wish to buy tickets for online. A lengthy process which most people are not willing to endure anymore, considering how quick and easy online accommodation booking, banking and other tasks have become.

Why not simplify the purchase of cultural tickets?

With each cultural institutions’ different needs come different ticketing systems. Large theatres have to depict complex subscription programmes in their ticketing systems. Others want to bundle offers, i.e. a theatre ticket combined with a dinner before. It was therefore unrealistic, that venues in a city like Vienna, would just use one singular ticketing system.

The idea: multiple venues, one app, no quotas

Ticket Gretchen’s USP is the ability of combining cultural offers in different venues through live/real-time interfaces with existing ticketing systems.

Your customer, your data!

Once a ticket is sold in the Ticket Gretchen App all transaction and customer data are automatically stored in the venues own ticketing system, so the theatre has access to all customers who bought a ticket via the app and can contact the customers directly, as they are in possession of all the relevant data (e-mail address, ticket price, seat, etc.)

Benefits of a joint ticketing solution

Partner institutions of the Ticket Gretchen App, like the Vienna State Opera, the Salzburg Festival and many more, can keep their independence, yet also profit from an additional, mobile channel. Not only targeting new customers, but market themselves more efficiently. A joint cultural platform can make use of a greater data pool and provide institutions with in-depth insight i.e. what their customers are also interested in and much more. Additional benefits, Ticket Gretchen partners especially pointed out, are the option of bundling offers, digitalise young audience clubs or carry out joint digital marketing campaigns.

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