ID verification &
Loyalty programmes

How can you ensure customer loyalty?

There are many innovative ways to build long lasting relationships, attract young people and create an involved cultural community. The most popular ones are loyalty programmes, special offers for young audiences, or memberships. And they work! But the most important thing to get your audience’s attention is to meet them where they are at: online and mobile!
We help you to increase your digital presence by digitalising membership cards or validating IDs for young audiences directly within an app or via your website – no need for manual checks at the box office anymore!

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ID verification

Safety first! Our technology checks (student) IDs directly through the app or website. It ensures a fraud check and enables regular verification. Providing young customers with an easy way to purchase tickets,supports a sustainable audience development and increases the ticket sales in a younger target group. Cultural institutions receive all the customer data and preferences of their younger audiences.

Membership cards

With our digital membership programme, authorised members can redeem deals and discounts directly in the app or on the website. We create and leverage customer loyalty with a streamlined and privacy-friendly process: users get authorised by entering their membership IDs, which will be checked through our interfaces and validation on membership servers.

Cultural community building

You want to build acultural community or digitalise special offers for an already existing club? Bring it on! Plug existing membership programmes into our solution.

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