Youth Tickets and Subscriptions – An investment in the future

Engaging young people with the arts is a core goal for each cultural institution. Almost every theatre or opera house already has special offers or ticket pricing for young people.

Salzburg Festival & Vienna State Oper
U27 Youth Tickets and Subscription go digital

The Salzburg Festival and Vienna State Opera has been offering special subscriptions and youth tickets with a reduction of up to 90% for people U27 for years. In collaboration with the Ticket Gretchen App and the corresponding easy-connect technology, young people now have the possibility to easily book their preferred subscriptions, event packages and single tickets digital.

Seating Map Feature

Tickets are directly reserved within the ticketing system, while a live interface allows customers to choose any available seat through the app.

Security first! ID-Verification

The Salzburg Festival and Vienna State Opera provide young people with an easy and fast way of registering for their services and enables them to buy youth tickets until the age of 27.

Browse, Click, Buy

One size doesn’t fit all, that’s for sure! With the easy-connect technology the cultural instiutions can reach young audiences right where they are at - their phones and can target and segment their audience according to their behaviour.

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