Dynamic pricing

What’s your benefit?

Dynamic pricing enables you to respond flexibly to your current utilisation or to apply rule-based pricing for implementing loyalty programmes and much more. Changing prices is based on customer demand, i.e. lowering prices for events with low demand, short-term promotions to make an event more accessible, etc.
easy-connect works with real-time data, allowing you to develop sophisticated forms of dynamic pricing and promotions.

Let's go into detail

Rule-based pricing

easy-connect offers various settings to mirror your cost model.
For example: setting up individual promotions for each customer segment (like membership programmes).


You want to use special promotions to attract an audience? Let’s go! Whether it is a 1+1 offer or any other discount: easy-connect mirrors the prices of your ticketing system.

Packages & Subscriptions

Digitalise your packages and subscriptions: Bundle various events and venues into packages. Set up custom pricing or discounts easily.

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