New audiences

Every cultural institution wants to reach young people to become their future audience. How do you get young people’s attention?

It all starts with the right channel

Spotify, Amazon and Netflix have a couple things in common that make them successful.
user experience
Working on your content presentation and usability in ticket sales has an immediate and sustainable effect on young audiences and patron retention. easy-connect provides you with a multitude of ways to spice up your content and create experiences for young audiences.
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Discount ticket options, but where is the data? 

Almost every institution offers discounted tickets and invests a lot of money in young people. Unfortunately, interest tracking is rarely done and if it is, the non-automated processes come with a high demand on resources.
Together, we can digitalise your youth programme and help you with getting to know your young customers.

Validate customer’s age with our ID Check

Develop your audience utilising (transaction) data

Highlight offers and let your young customers choose their seats

Catchy ways to get your news out there

Based on your young audience’s data points and interests, you can create a customised communication strategy:
  • send interest based, targeted push notifications
  • segment your newsletter recipients by region, interest, etc.
  • show in-app messages to highlight special discounts
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It works! Here's the proof

We’ve got a lot of experience with digitalising young audience programmes, ie.purchase of digital youth passes for the world-renowned Salzburg Festival.
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Idea Box

Create a city-wide culture ticketing app, tailored for young audiences.

Easily connect to several ticketing systems and use specific discounts for students. Complex processes, like validating student IDs, are handled automatically for each customer. A solution providing digital services for engaging and connecting young people to your venues.

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